TV-PH400-YG Indoor Full Color LED Video Wall

TV-PH400-YG Indoor Full Color LED Video Wall


It has the characteristics of seamless, perfect display, long lifetime, fast frame changing speed, high refresh, good uniformity, wide viewing angle, high grayscale, natural color reproduction etc. It is widely used in command and dispatch center, security monitoring, video conference, exhibition, large stage, convention and exhibition center, indoor stadium, various indoor conference room display area.


*  It can be used for real-time scene monitoring, various advertising/videos playback, performances, and special scenes decoration.

*  It is seamlessly spliced without visual black seams at all.

*  The display module is flexible, flat, curved with smooth splicing.

*  When a failure happens, user is only required to maintain a single LED lamp or a single module at very low maintenance cost but pretty high speed.

*  Support picture correction. The Gamma correction adopted enables pixel-by-pixel brightness color correction.

*  Support intelligent light control, intelligent brightness adjustment, improve picture comfort levels, more energy saving and power saving.

*  With ultra-wide viewing angle display. The display screen has a wider visual range, and the viewing picture from any angle is still clear.

*  With ultra-high refresh rate, good picture coherence and high fluency.

*  The picture is delicate and realistic, and the gray level is still excellent under low brightness.

*  Support ultra HD display. Unique image quality enhancement technology effectively improves image clarity, making high-speed picture smooth without image nail.

*  Good protection performance to avoid the influence of dust and other factors.

*  Rear maintenance, more convenient installation.


December 17, 2021


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